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Instructor-Led Courses

We offers hands-on, instructor-led courses as part of SonicWALL™'s technical certification curriculum.

Each course is compiled with key security technology fundamentals in mind, along with specific SonicWALL™ design, configuration, implementation and troubleshooting topics. Become a Certified SonicWALL™ System Administrator. The following instructor-led courses are currently available:

SNSA - SonicWall™ Network Security Administrator (Online)                      R 18,999.00excl. (2024)
The SonicWALL™ SNSA Training course (Formerly, Security Basic Administrator (NSBA) is a 2 day, hands-on, instructor-led course. The course is designed to provide students the required background, knowledge and hand-on experience to successfully implement and configure SonicWall™ firewall appliances and security services.

SNSP - SonicWall™ Network Security Professional                    R 23,990.00excl. (2024)
This course builds on the skills learned in the SonicWALL™ Network Security Administrator course (SNSA) which is a requirement to attending the SonicWall™ Network Security Professional course. Being more advanced, it builds your skills to attend to larger and more advanced configurations.

With COVID-19, we have made this online interactive training until further notice.